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Количество игроков:   По приглашениям
Мастер:   SlavikDjan [offline]
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Система:   State of Emergency (Legacy among the ruins hack)
Сеттинг:   Modern days
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1 SlavikDjan Gotnat.se Digital collective 1 12.11.2021 01:29 В игре
2 SlavikDjan Black ravens Deniers 2 15.01.2022 18:18 В игре
3 SlavikDjan Diocese of Visby Civilians 1 03.10.2021 17:58 В игре

The End of the World, The Apocalypse, Ragnarök, Kali Yuga, Qiyammah or whatever have you. The End, The Fall, is nigh. It has been showing it´s face all over the globe and it´s doomsday clock has been ticking and for hose who know how to hear it. We were the Generation said to hold back the tide, but we ultimately failed. This is their stories.
We have chosen you to be the harbingers of The Fall, to represent the wills of the Wheel of time. To each Rise there must be a Fall. It is simple as that. You have been chosen to tell it´s story. You are merely cogs in this machine. Fret not, no matter how hard you try, you know there is only one End. And it is the End. The Fall.
How did it happen? Who were the Factions and the Protagonists? What role did they have in this story? That is our story.

This is rules-testing module. The State of Emergency / SoE rulebook was designed by Rafael Felipe Abrahão Black, Brazil.
The game is divided into ages, ages to seasons, seasons to episodes.
The first age will be played in blog style to find out the most disputable points of the system.
Will there be next ages - the time will show.
Any constructive criticism is appreciated.

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