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Статус:   Набор игроков
Количество игроков:   5
Мастер:   QuantumQuarian [online]
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Система:   MnM 3e + HB
Сеттинг:   ガラス ロツス
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Читатели:   kitaiko, roloroma
Постов мастера/всего:   8/8

#ИгрокРейтингПрисутствиеИмя персонажаКлассХодовПоследний ходСтатус
1 Shy 33/233 offline L. M. N. Military Adviser 0 n/a Заявка на рассмотрении
2 Shy 33/233 offline DEATH CUBE Offensive support 0 n/a Заявка на рассмотрении
3 roloroma 98/3755 offline Willfire Бард 0 n/a Заявка на рассмотрении
4 roloroma 98/3755 offline Pho Support Companion 0 n/a Заявка на рассмотрении
5 Crechet 650/10132 offline Crookedhorn (Horny) Voice in a box 0 n/a Заявка на рассмотрении
6 lonebeast 539/19947 offline Shesemet Companion 0 n/a В игре
7 lonebeast 539/19947 offline Moira Scientist 0 n/a В игре
8 Crechet 650/10132 offline Heathen Experimental Musician 0 n/a В игре
9 DSmith 23/416 offline Nabucatnezzar (Nab) Illusionist 0 n/a В игре
10 DSmith 23/416 offline Agent Green Adapter 0 n/a В игре

Персонажи мастера

#ИгрокИмя персонажаКлассХодовПоследний ходСтатус
1 QuantumQuarian CEO Director 0 n/a В игре
2 QuantumQuarian Akane Head of Research 0 n/a В игре
3 QuantumQuarian Teacher Mentor 0 n/a В игре
4 QuantumQuarian Meteora Senpai 0 n/a В игре
5 QuantumQuarian Sunday Survivor 0 n/a В игре
6 QuantumQuarian Orca Head of Operations 0 n/a В игре

Это игра на английском языке.

One sunny day the arctic fields were touched by darkness out of this world. In response to that Lotus were formed. Chosen ones, who received powers to protect the Earth against an onslaught of destructive beasts. But time went on and on, heroes changed, humanity kept adapting and monsters continued their destructive appearances. That was the order of things until the inevitable crisis happened. And now the responsibility to protect this world has fallen on your shoulders!

What is this?
An anime-inspired superhero game about squad of normal people, who were approached by small animal-like companions and given magical superpowers to protect Earth against chtonic monstrosities, while working with secret organization to make life on the planet better and calmer.

Why English?
Practicing English by playing in a forum RPG is kind of an interesting experience, don't you think?
Games aren't about why they're about why not!

The game doesn't pose as a flex of anyone's skills with a foreign language. Players make mistakes even in Russian. The goal is practice. So please be considerate and don't be an ass towards those who try their best but still have troubles.
Also, even if I totally think that my English is pretty elite, I won't claim that I know everything and I totally won't be focused on prioritizing grammar over style and substance.

Themes: Super Power, Mecha, Mahou Shoujo (without "Shoujo" part)
Genres: Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi, Drama (that one is debatable), Comedy (that one is possible), Boys Love (that one is a joke)
Rating: R - 17+. May contain graphic violence, suggestive themes and profanity.
Temp: *cough-cough* I'll try.