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DungeonMaster QuantumQuarian
14.09.2022 07:03
    //     INTRO

Game System: Mutants & Masterminds 3 (Homebrewed)
Handbook: ссылка
Support can be received in Discord: 4U4HRjVFDz
Our local experts are trained to assist you in generating your perfect, handcrafted and optimized character. Even if they would curse me for implementing all of those rules and limitations.
Initial Power Level: 6
Initial Power Points: 100

    //    PATCH NOTE

10.11    SENSES: COMMUNICATION LINK WITH LOTUS + DISTANCE SENSE added to Companions' Companionship Power, as it was supposed to.
Russian translation of the core rules made by lonebeast can be found here: ссылка But don't forget to check this page for important notes and home rules.
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DungeonMaster QuantumQuarian
19.09.2022 15:28


- Abilities FIGHTING and DEXTERITY are merged into Ability DEXTERITY:
    +1 to PARRY Defense
    +1 to ATTACK Skill
    +1 to SLEIGHT OF HAND Skill
    +1 to VEHICLES Skill
- Skills RANGED COMBAT and CLOSE COMBAT are merged into ATTACK Skill.
- New Ability MOBILITY.
  Mobility is a measure of character's raw speed and his control of it. Mobility gives:
    +1 to Speed Rank
    +2 Initiative
    +1 Quickness (limited to physical)
  PL Limit for This Game: Speed Rank can't exceed campaign PL
  Debilitated Mobility means hero is vulnerable and immobile.
- AGILITY Ability now doesn't give Initiative bonus
- Powers: BURROWING, FLIGHT, SWIMMING are removed.
- MOVEMENT effects WALL-CRAWLING and SWINGING are removed.
- Power MOVEMENT now has additional Effects:
  Note: basically, those Effects mean that you can't move faster than your Mobility allows you to. Also, the flat cost of Flight, Burrowing, Swimming and   Parkour means that you initially pay for "the license" to fly, etc.
  FLIGHT flat 2 and +2 per every Rank of Mobility after 0 affected
    Aquatic Extra removed
    Wings and Platform Flaws are removed
    If you fail check while flying or you are grabbed by someone standing on the ground, or you are immobilized — you cannot fly.
    New Extra: UNBOUNDABLE +1 per Rank
      Immobilizing Effects don’t make you fall, because you Flight doesn't rely on active physical contribution.
  BURROWING flat 1 and +1 per every Rank of Mobility after 0 affected
  SWIMMING flat 1 and +1 per every Rank of Mobility after 0 affected
  PARKOUR flat 1 and +1 per every Rank of Mobility after 0 affected
    Ability to Move Along Obstacles in Third Dimension, but you need to end your turn touching the surface. If you don't do this, you end up falling.
    New Extra: SWINGING +1 flat
      You can finish your turn in the air by attaching yourself with a rope or other bond to an object above you.
- Hindered Condition is removed. Changes to Conditions, that used to use Hindered:
    Blind doesn't affect Speed anymore
    Fatigued halves the Speed rank if it's more than 0. If it's 0 or less, than -1.
    Exhausted halves the Speed rank if it's more than 0. If it's 0 or less, than -1.
    Prone halves the Speed rank if it's more than 0. If it's 0 or less, than -1.
    Staggered halves the Speed rank if it's more than 0. If it's 0 or less, than -1.

    All of the above are rounded down.
- Immobile Condition is now considered the first level Condition in place of Hindered.
- MOVE-BY ACTION Advantage is removed. You can move both before and after your standard action by default.


- IMPERVIOUS Defense uses alternative rule:
    When rolling resistance checks using an Impervious Defense, add 10 to a roll of 1–10, like spending a hero point on a reroll.
- FEARLESS Advantage is now Ranked (2) and at first level gives Half Effect. Just a reminder: Fearless doesn’t mean “Immune to Intimidation” it means “Immune to Fear” and those are not always the same.
- On the same note: Emotions are considered a common descriptor.
- New rules to ALTERNATE EFFECT Extra:
    Dynamic Alternate Effect is now implemented in basic Alternate Effect rule, allowing to reallocate points between two powers
    Alternate Effect cost increases with every second AE taken (so it goes base + 1 + 2 + 2 + 3...)
- Melee Combat Advantages Adjustments:
    IMPROVED TRIP Advantage changes:
      Now Ranked(2) and additionally allows to use Trip as Move Action with -5 circumstance penalty. Second Rank decreases penalty to -2.
    New Advantage: TACKLER Ranked (2)
      Tackler Allows to make a Trip attempt with -5 circumstance penalty against enemy after a successful melee attack or w/o penalty after successfully defending against a melee attack with DEFEND Action.
      At Rank 2 penalty is decreased to -2.
    WEAPON BIND and WEAPON BREAK are also Ranked (2), work like Fast Grab and allow to attempt Disarm/Smash with -5 circumstance penalty as Free Action as part of a melee attack (not only after success in Defense). Second Rank decreases penalty to -2.
    FAST GRAB is Ranked (2) and now has -5 circumstance penalty, decreasing to -2 at second Rank.

- If you have more than one Advantage allowing you to use additional action as free action. You can use only one free additional attack per Attack.
- TELEPORT Power is limited to Rank PL divided by 2 (equals 3 at the start of the game)
- MOVEMENT: TIME TRAVEL is not available (for narrative reasons), as is Time Travel is general.
- FAVORED FOE Advantage now additionally gives +2 circumstance bonus to Attack Checks or Active Defenses in a battle against chosen type of enemies. Choose at the start of the round whether the bonus applies to attack or defense. The choice remains until the start of your next round.
- New Extra: Presence-based
    If you choose, you can add your Presence rank to Effect. You add you Presence and Effect ranks together, when determining the Rank of Presence-based Effect.
- DEFLECT Power changes:
    if you choose to actively defend, you can deflect or divert attacks against yourself or other characters at a distance. you gain an additional check against an attack, using your deflect rank. If you succeed, attack misses. If you fail you still have an active Defense roll from Defend action, adding 10 to a die roll of 10 or less. Deflect rank is limited by Power Level as other active defenses (sum with Toughness = 2 * PL).
    Like a ranged attack, if you Deflect at medium range, you have a -2 circumstance modifier on your check. At long range, you have a -5 circumstance modifier. Range is measured from you to the target of the attack you are deflecting.
    Like the Defend action, Deflect does not work against area effects or perception ranged attacks, nor versus attacks targeting defenses other than Dodge or Parry.
    REFLECT Extra adjustment: uses Deflect rank OR your own Attack modifiers for an attack check. Reflect applies only for a Deflect check, not for a successive Defend check.


- Lotus have a free Companion (Sidekick 6). That Companion grows parallel to a character without them using Power Points. Some Powers of Companions are hidden from Characters. There are other rules for them, which will be described in the corresponding post.
Note: you can choose to control your Companion or to delegate it to DM.
- Characters have a free Immunity: Aging for fluff.
- Characters have Movement: Flight 0
- Characters have free Languages 1 (so they know at least two languages at start)
- Lotus live in the modern society, so they have smartphones (or alternative gadgets) for free. Smartphone is a combination of Camera, Cell Phone, Computer, Audio Recorder, Video Camera, GPS and Flashlight from Handbook.
- Lotus receive huge salaries, so if your background doesn't include financial prosperity, you can settle for free Benefit: Wealth 2 (as you haven't work that long yet)
Waiting for feedback
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DungeonMaster QuantumQuarian
28.10.2022 00:30

An Alias, that character uses, because they work in secret.

Human, at least initially.

You can go wild with description of your role, find best character description... or just simply write Lotus, but that's...

Good Something... again initially.

Currently... no requirements, but I will probably try and unify the design to please my i̵͕̳̟̐̓̂n̶̫̰̽ṅ̴̨̮͕͗͐e̴͕̦͆́͝r̷͈̎̋͜ ̸̡͕̙̈́̏̓d̷̨̽͋è̴̜̼ḿ̶̰̹ò̷̮̮͙̇̽n̸̝͕̞͋s̸̺̺͈̐̓͘ OCD.

Here go requirements... Art (preferably anime), Description and other known qualities like Real name, DoB, Origin, Height, Weight. Also you can (not obligatory) find an art for your Companion and describe him here in short. Although he will receive his own Character Sheet. And you can add a short description of your Power.
Note: Age should be above 18, because giving a child an eternal youth and constantly engaging them in near-death situations is... objectively wrong.

The defining qualities of your character and also their quirks. There are no PARAGONS OF JUSTICE here (well, you can be first). Lotus are not perfect by any means, they can be dumb, cowardice or foul-mouthed. As long as it doesn't make them bad people...
And don't forget about Complications and Motivations!
Note: every character has Complication: Accord, so you must not write it down. You should just remember about it...

Basically the life before character was offered an Accord by a Companion.

Just an MnM character sheet. You can use my template, if you want, but the design is of no importance here (unless it's objectively atrocious and unreadable)

...idk, character's equipment and other staff they have.
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DungeonMaster QuantumQuarian
03.11.2022 19:39

Do whatever you want, it was a mistake to try and streamline that process. But there are still certain rules regarding Companions...


1. Companions have only 80 PP initially and the same PL as the characters, which is 6.
2. Companions level up independently.
3. All Companions have some hidden Powers. They are so hidden, that even Companions themselves could not know about them.
4. They also have some free powers that you know about (they are the part of their nature). You can opt out of using them, if they don't fit. They are listed later.
5. Companions are technically Sidekicks, which means that on the battlefield they act independently, but...
6. In battle Companions can bypass rolling Initiative and act together with their Lotus.
7. If their Lotus dies, Companions die too.
8. By default Companions don't know human languages, but have a Mental link with you and can Comprehend your thoughts.
9. (probably will add more)

List of Free Powers:


Name: Name
Race: Animal they represent
Class: Again something descriptive
Alignment: Good Something (not exactly the same as their Lotus)
Appearance: Say no to furry
Character: Defining qualities, quirks, blah-blah-blah, Complications, Motivations.
Story: Sadly, blank, as they are enigma.
Skills: MnM Character Sheet.
Inventory: If they somehow have it, but what crazy person would give their Hamster a multitool?.. I did.
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DungeonMaster QuantumQuarian
03.11.2022 20:29

Current headquarters of Lotus is a giant ship Odyssey. It is a decommissioned Panamax-class cargo ship, that was rebuilt into a mobile base of operations, hosting around 150 personnel. Lotus themselves are not required to live on the ship, but visit it quite often in preparations to missions or just to solve some administrative issue.

Odyssey before rebuilding (left):

    SIZE: Huge

    Afloat (it’s a ship)
    Combat Simulator
    Holding Cells
    Living Space
    Mecha Hangar
    Power System
    Security System

Other than Odyssey, Lotus have local offices in many major cities around the world. They could provide a hide-out or even a temporal living space for members. There are also different departments, which can't be moved to a ship, such as:

    First R&D Department in Hiroshima, Japan.
    Second R&D Department in Chernobyl, Ukraine.
    Intel Department in Geneva, Switzerland
    Operations Department in Casablanca, Morocco
    Department of Public Knowledge and Diversions in London, Great Britain
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