[Cortex] Into the Crimson Code [EN] | Описание игры

Статус:   Идет игра
Количество игроков:   4
Мастер:   QuantumQuarian [online]
Ассистент:   Нет
Система:   Cortex Plus
Сеттинг:   Code Red: Crimson & Co
Поддержка кубика:  
Читатели:   DSmith, Dusha, Min0tavr
Постов мастера/всего:   54/104

#ИгрокРейтингПрисутствиеИмя персонажаКлассХодовПоследний ходСтатус
1 DSmith 23/430 offline Little Jas Thief 0 n/a Заявка на рассмотрении
2 Crechet 663/10306 online Dr. Hydra Kinda sus scientist 12 28.01.2023 15:43 В игре
3 roloroma 104/3881 online Loophole The Self-resolving Paradox 20 02.02.2023 00:06 В игре
4 lonebeast 543/20321 offline Margaret `Widowmaker` Wright The last Wayward 18 01.02.2023 22:30 В игре

Персонажи мастера

#ИгрокИмя персонажаКлассХодовПоследний ходСтатус
1 QuantumQuarian Moment Hero-tuber 4 16.01.2023 16:47 В игре
2 QuantumQuarian Eel Eelusive Threat 3 14.01.2023 19:06 В игре
3 QuantumQuarian Firework Local Villain 2 14.01.2023 13:23 В игре
4 QuantumQuarian Baskerville Heir 5 14.01.2023 14:02 В игре
5 QuantumQuarian Gal-in-a-Chair Operation Ordinator 3 23.01.2023 22:57 В игре
6 QuantumQuarian Helsinc Werewolf Hunter 5 21.01.2023 05:17 В игре



On a typical sunny day a probability of meeting your alter from the another universe is quite low, even if not a zero. But one rainy day in London breaks those statistics.

Jesse Jenkins was living a quiet life until he was bit by a genetically modified snake. It activated a random mutation in him, giving an extraordinary metahuman ability, that changed his life forever. After experiencing a death of his mentor, Jesse understood, that he was given power to protect those, who need it. He put on a mask of a vigilante Viper and started being a hero, the city could be proud of. But he was just a little man and in the end his powers were not enough to stop the evil. He died, but his life's work will continue on living, as not only the city but multiverse itself was in danger...

And multiverse answered, sending others, who could help this world and save the multiverse... at least for now.

It called those, who took the role of Jesse in other universes. Those, who tried to protect the weak. Those who received their powers by accident and received a grim reminder, that they are the chosen one and shall do the right... Those, who know that with great power comes great responsibility.


In a nutshell, that's going to be an Into the Spiderverse-inspired game, based on the lonebest's setting Krasnyi Kod (Red Code). Player characters are the alternative versions of Jesse (they are not obliged to even be called Jesse or live in London), brought from other universes to stop a villain, whose sole existence endangers all of the multiverse!

So yeah...


  Why Cortex?
The concept doesn't work well with MnM3, as it restrains a lot of the core features of the system (mainly character creation). Cortex fits much better with the idea of similar characters with similar powers, while not making the gameplay stale with repeating powers used by every character, as personality and narrative matter much more in Cortex.
Also dice go brrr.

Themes: Super Power, Multiverse
Genres: Comedy, Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi
Rating: R - 17+. May contain graphic violence, suggestive themes and profanity.
Temp: At least once a week I'll try.